Monday, June 29, 2009

Children of Charles and Ida Seeber

Here is a picture of Charles and Ida Seeber's children. The photograph was taken at Christmas in 1927. In the top row standing are: Hazel, Harry and Richard. Sitting in the bottom row are: Vera, Earl and Mabelle.

Hazel was born in 1910.
Harry was born in 1907.
Richard was born in 1903.
Vera was born in 1901.
Earl was born in 1913.
Mabelle was born in 1905.

All of the children were born in Peoria, Illinois.

Mabelle was my grandmother. She adored her father and often talked of how witty, charming, talented and entertaining he was. Charles died in 1933, at age 59. Ida lived to be 101, and died in 1974.

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