Monday, July 20, 2009

A New Discovery-Never Give Up!

I know that probably anyone reading this who does genealogy is aware of it, but I don't think that it can be stressed often enough...never give up! I have been researching the Segh/Seeber family for 15 years now. I have asked everyone in the family for any known pictures. My parents have given me boxes and boxes of pictures to go through over the past few years. This week, I was at their summer place in Indiana and they had 3 small boxes of pictures for me to look at. Where do these keep coming from? I obediently began going through them and when I was going through the 3rd box there were a couple of obviously very old pictures. I turned them over and, in my grandmother's writing, one said "Gustave Adolf Von Seger-Borksen". It was taken in Wadstena (in Sweden) is a picture of my great-grandfather's twin brother! Who would have ever guessed that there was a picture of him? (If you have read my previous blogs, you know that my great-grandfather, Karl Oscar Segh/Charles Seeber has been a great mystery to the family).

I was so thrilled with the picture! It gives me great hope that more will eventually be uncovered! It also gave written proof of what a crazy last name he presented as his.

In a follow-up note, I did hear from his father's brother' descendant and the family does not remember hearing anything of the Segh family at all. However, she did mention that some of that family came to the US, so that is another avenue. One piece of the puzzle leads to another!

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