Friday, December 11, 2009

Advent Calendar-Christmas Gifts

Any gift I get from my husband or kids are my favorites! But a couple that stand out are:

One year my husband searched high and low (well, he may have sent my daughter to do the searching) to find stationary that would reflect my interest in genealogy. I liked what was found and thought that it was a very thoughtful gift. Another favorite from him was diamond earrings a couple of years ago. I was floored! They are incredibly beautiful!

Probably the best gift that I ever received at Christmas was right after my brother Bill died (Oct. 1990), my mother gave me my beloved grandmother's diamond engagement ring. It's a beautiful ring and meant so much to me!

One of the best gifts that I ever gave was also the Christmas after Bill died, and we surprised our kids with a trip to Florida to visit my parents in March during spring break. We had never taken the kids to the beach in FL before, so they were in heaven when they opened the package that had pictures of the beach and the promise of the trip!

It is really hard to remember my best many come to mind now...since we built this house, my husband often surprises me with items that are FLW or at least arts and craft related. And he has made furniture for me. I have never had a bad Christmas as far as gifts are concerned!

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