Saturday, December 19, 2009

Advent Calendar-Christmas Stockings

My two brothers, sister and I had stockings that my Aunt Mildred made for us when we were growing up. My grandmother also had stockings for us at her house, too, so Santa was always quite busy with us! We didn't have a fireplace in our home, and I don't remember where the stockings were. At my grandparents, the stockings hung from the mantle.

When our first born arrived, a friend of the family made her a knit stocking.

Shortly after that, my mom began knitting and she made BIG knit stockings for my husband and I. As each of our children arrived, she made stockings for her randchildren. So all 5 of us (my husband and our 3 children) had homemade knit stockings. We had a non-working fireplace in our home, so the stockings were hung there. As our daughters married, Mom made stockings for their spouses. As they had children, my mom made stockings for her great-grandchildren. The last stocking that she made was for Lucy in 2004.

In 2007, my son married. Unfortunately, my mom is no longer able to knit, so Alex's wife, Megan, still doesn't have a knit stocking, but we are still working on it! Mom hasn't found her patterns, but I am sure that I can find someone who can make one for Megan. It is my mission!

These knit stockings are so important to our Christmas traditions! Now that we are in our new home, we don't have a mantel, so the stockings are laid on the hearth of the fireplace for Santa to find. He does a good job filling those big stockings!

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