Thursday, December 3, 2009

Advent Calendar-Christmas Tree Ornaments

Today's topic came on a good day...I put up our Christmas tree today!

I don't remember any special ornaments when I was a child, other than it seemed like they were all breakable! We didn't string popcorn or cranberries, but my dad LOVED tinsel, so we got to put lots of tinsel on the tree. Of course, it couldn't just be blobbed onto the tree, but strategically placed in small strands...I still love tinsel on the tree.

It is especially fun to have the grandkids over, either while putting up the tree or later, and watch them find familiar ornaments each year. Right now, the youngest grandchild is 5 years old, and she loves the Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, and Sponge Bob ornaments that we have.

I have my very favorite ornaments that are on our tree. One is a USMC ornament that we bought while in San Diego when our son graduated from boot camp. Another is a Celtic Cross from Peoria Notre Dame, where my kids went to high school. I have a couple of shamrock ornaments that I love. And ornaments from my trip to Sweden. And ornaments from our trips to Mexico. All of these ornaments bring back such wonderful memories! And of course, there are the Grandma and Grandpa ornaments. One of my very most favorite is from my oldest granddaughter that says " Grandma and Me...bestest friends." .

We also have some beautiful ornaments that our daughter Maggie made for us that really shine on the tree!

We have a second tree in our living area that is a small one, lit with small white lights. It has only 12 ornaments, one for each member of our family, with their name on it. The ornaments are white with gold lettering. It is a very special tree for me!

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