Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Advent Calendar-the end!

Wow...I really dropped the ball the last couple of days of the Advent Calendar!

I really don't have anything to tell about the Christmas and Deceased Relatives topic. I already shared my private time that I spend in a quick toast and remembrance on Christmas Eve of those I love who are not here. I don't recall any family traditions at all around this topic.

Christmas Sweetheart Memories-Even though we were already engaged, the first time that I met my husband's family was on Christmas Day 1970. They were very nice to me and the meeting went well. I was especially taken with his grandmother! Very sweet woman, who died in 1973. We named our first born after her! She raised my husband until he was 5 years old and was always crazy about him!

Now there is a newer Christmas Sweetheart Memory. My son proposed to his wife on Christmas night 2006. They had started a tradition the year before of giving each other a new tree ornament on Christmas. Alex asked me if he could have one of my old ornaments that had been my parents. He tied the ring to it and wrapped it up. Megan opened it Christmas night. I thought it was very romantic. He gave her my grandmother's engagement ring.

Of course, the funny thing was that at first, Megan was mad that he hadn't even bothered to go out and get a new ornament. That was before she saw the ring!!!

I have already written about our Christmas Eve tradition of making gifts for the person whose name we had earlier drawn. This year the tradition carried on with great gifts! I sponge-painted a pot for my daughter, and I received ornaments filled with shells from Mexico and AL (2 trips we took this year), one son-in-law got a hoodie with #1 Inlaw on it, Megan got a pillow with an F embroidered on it, Alex got a copy of a photo print that was taken by another son-in-law of the Stadium in St. Louis, our other daughter got coasters with photos from our trip to Mexico, our other son-in-law got a promise of new bookshelves from my husband ( he is beginning them this week), etc. I know that I have left some out, but at this moment, it is all that I can remember!

Merry Christmas everyone! The picture is of our tree Christmas morning this year!

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