Thursday, December 17, 2009

Advent Calendar-Grab Bag

Today's topic is author's choice-a topic that helps you remember Christmases past. I have two topics that come to mind.

Our first born, Emily, was born in our hometown. However, my parents had moved to Marinette, WI that year, so we spent Emily's first Christmas there. While we were there we had Emily baptized. Her godparents were my brother Bill and my great-aunt Genevieve. Aunt Gen had been my mother's godmother, and my godmother, so we thought it was kind of cool to have her be Emily's godmother also! The picture on the right is of Bill and baby Emily.

My other Christmas remembrance is from 2002. Our son, Alex, had joined the Marines in 1999, for a 5 year enlistment. We were very lucky that he was able to be home every Christmas. However, when he came home for leave at Christmas in 2002, he announced that his leave was being cut short because he was being part of the first wave of Marines being deployed for the Iraq war. Not what a mother wants to hear ever, least of all at Christmas.

We had a really wonderful Christmas that year and the time that he had home was really short. Christmas came and then it was time to take him to the airport. I held myself together pretty well. As he passed through security, Alex looked back and, of course, I was watching him and we had a last wave goodbye.

I was so mindful that Christmas of all my ancestors who were mothers and sent their sons off to war. I thought of one who had 5 sons fight for the Confederacy, with only one of them returning. I thought of my grandmother who sent her 3 sons off to fight in WWII. Thankfully, they all returned. There is a special feeling between mothers who have sent their children off to war. There is not another feeling that you can compare it to. And I wish it upon no one. My prayer is that one day no one will ever have to deal with that.

It seemed like Christmas again when my son returned home in July of 2003!

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  1. Great stories. Thank you for sharing.

    Bill ;-)