Monday, December 7, 2009

Advent Calendar-Holiday Parties

Well, I am pretty much a dud on this one. I don't remember any holiday parties occurring in our family when I was growing up, nor do I remember attending any! Since being married (now in our 39th year!), we have had quite a few Christmas/holiday Open Houses, with the last one being 2 years ago, which we combined with having people over to greet the newly-weds (my son and his wife) who got married in Mexico in November 2007. A couple of years before that, we had a holiday pot-luck party with about 8 couples.

We have always had various Christmas parties to attend with work. And we usually get together with good friends in December to go out for dinner for the holidays. We are invited to 2 parties this year, one that we can't attend, but the other we are going to attend. Should be lots of fun...meeting up with old friends!

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