Saturday, December 5, 2009

Advent Calendar-Outside Decorations

Not much to say on this post! I don't remember any outside decorating going on when I was a child! That doesn't mean that there wasn't any, but I sure don't remember if there was! However, I do remember my dad driving us around town to view other homes that were all lit up!

My husband began putting up lights at our old house sometime ago, along with a big wreath spotlighted on the house. The house looked very nice and festive. Since we have moved to our new home, we put a small real tree on the front porch with lights on it and a big wreath hangs from our pergola. We also have lights on a Blue Spruce pine that sits by the lake. That looks really cool! I would love to have solar lights to put up on the pine trees out at the front of our driveway, but they are WAY too expensive.

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