Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Advent Calendar-Tree and Foods

I missed beginning this Advent Calendar yesterday so today will be filling in the first 2 prompts!

I remember going out to tree farms to get trees some years. It was often cold and snowy, but always great fun. My dad usually had trouble getting the trunk of the tree into the tree holder, so we were supposed to leave him alone while he did that part! (Some things never change, I guess-trees are still hard to get straight in those holders!). We usually had the tallest tree that our home could accommodate.

There were 4 of us children, so decorating the tree could get hectic as we each wanted to put certain ornaments in special places!

Then when I married and we started our own family, we began the tradition of always buying at least one new ornament each year. We always bought fresh trees until about 15 years ago when suddenly one Christmas season, I became incredibly allergic to the tree and we had to move our tree to the back porch and view it from the sliding glass doors! That was the end of real trees for our family.

Since we moved to our new home in 2000, we also put a real tree with lights on our front porch, and have lights on a big Scotch pine in our backyard. Now we have 4 grandchildren and they are sometimes here to help Grandma decorate the tree. An angel that our daughter Maggie made in grade school remains the topper for our tree!

I don't remember certain foods being a tradition for Christmas in our family, other than we always had turkey. What I do remember is that my grandfather and 2 uncles would always go out and get really drunk on Christmas Eve. Of course, by the time I remember this, it was quite mild to years past when they were younger.

I do try to celebrate our Swedish heritage in some way at Christmas, usually by making my great-grandmother's Swedish cardamom bread.

Our tradition over the past 15 years has been to have appetizers on Christmas Eve, where each family brings one or two and that is what our dinner is for the night. That continues on......

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