Saturday, November 5, 2011

Christmas and Genealogy

Each year at Christmas time I try to think of a genealogical project that might hold interest for my family members.  One year I wrote the story of my mother's great-grandfather, who had been a great mystery for many years.  Another year I wrote about my father's family.  Both were received with interest.  Two years ago, I printed up (what I considered) a quite attractive recipe card for family members that I included in with my Christmas cards to them.  The recipe card was Scandinavian in appearance with a small picture of my great-grandmother (who came from Sweden) and her original recipe for Swedish Cardamon Bread. I was very pleased with how it turned out.  However, not one single person ever commented on it.  So I'm not sure that it was appreciated or enjoyed at all  It was disappointing, because I had thought that it was such a good idea!  And I spent a lot of time on it! But I don't give up easily, because here I am approaching the holidays and trying to come up with another clever idea!  So I am searching for ideas...and will report back here if and when anything comes to me!