Saturday, December 19, 2009

Advent Calendar-Christmas Shopping

As I wrote in an earlier post, one of most favorite memories of Christmas shopping are the years that my dear Nanya took me on the Rocket (train) from Peoria to Chicago to see the Christmas sights and do some shopping! Great fun! I was so lucky to be the first grandchild, and the only girl for the first 9 years of my life! I was my grandparents "angel on top of the tree".

I don't remember my parents doing shopping, but I know that most of our presents were hidden at my grandparent's home, so we wouldn't find them! Which is exactly what I did when my kids were small, too!

I have always gone on Christmas shopping trips. When my kids were young, I always went with either my mom or some girlfriends. Since my girls have grown, we have begun a girl's Christmas shopping weekend each year. After my son married, his wife, Megan, is part of our girls weekend, too. We have a great time! The last 2 years we have shopped literally until we have dropped in St. Louis. It is great fun, with lots of laughter, talk, shopping and eating! We wouldn't miss it for anything!

As far as my husband's shopping, he does some himself, but he also relies on our daughter, Maggie, to be his Christmas helper. She pretty much has free reign and he then reimburses her. Works out well for him and for me!

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