Monday, October 26, 2015

Gustaf Adolph Segh 1873-1908 (52 Ancestors #42)

This week’s challenge was “Proud”.  I am writing about my great-grandfather’s brother, Gustaf Adolph Emil Segh. I am proud of my research in both finding him and finding a picture of him!

It was known that my great-grandfather (Karl Oscar Segh/Charles Oscar Seeber) had twins in his family, but it was not known that he himself was a twin.  It wasn’t until I began to learn more about his family in Sweden that I learned that he and Gustave were the oldest of eight children born to their parents and that they were the first set of three twins born to August and Matilda Hertel Segh.

Gustaf Adolph Emil Segh was born on the 6th of November 1873 in S;t Per Parish, Ostergotlands, Sweden.  He and his twin brother Karl were the oldest of the children.  They are both listed in the 1890 census in Sweden with their parents, and a brother, Johan August Segh, who was born in 1875.  The other five children had all died before this census was taken.

In 1892, Karl Segh had left for the United States.  Gustaf remained in Sweden.  He became a train engineer and lived in Stockholm.  Gustaf married a woman named Elina and they were divorced in 1904.  It appears that Gustaf never had any children. No records have been found to indicate that Gustaf ever came to the United States to visit, although his brother Johan did.

Gustaf Adolph Emil Segh died in Stockholm on the 10th of May in 1908.  He was unmarried at the time and was thirty-four years old.

About ten years ago I was visiting my parents at their summer place and my mother brought out a box of old pictures.  She didn’t know who the people were in some of the pictures.  I began looking through them and came across an old picture of a young man.  I turned the picture over and on the back was written “Gustaf Adolph Segh”!  No one had ever seen a picture of Karl/Charles' twin brother before! they were obviously not identica
l twins! The picture was at least one hundred years old!

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