Sunday, April 2, 2017

Review of March Genealogical Pursuits

Well, it's been an interesting month for my genealogy pursuits.

I have kept up with the hints for the past month, which have led me to some further research on family.  One hint was about the Bergan family.  As I researched, I learned that Paul Misner (his mother was a Bergan) had become a priest, then a bishop.  Apparently he had become lost in our family stories as his first cousin had become a quite well-known bishop, then archbishop (Gerald Thomas Bergan). Anyway, it ended up being quite an interesting story that I never knew. So that story was told on my blog.

I have also kept up with the 52 Questions that I committed myself to doing at the first of the year. March's theme was Goals and Achievements.

But the best thing of all for the month of March was being found and then contacted by a long-lost cousin who found me on  We have not had contact with her or her siblings for about 35 years! It has been such a blessing to share information and pictures.  We are hoping for a reunion in person soon!

And I have been helping my son-in-law with some of his genealogy, which has been interesting.

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