Monday, May 14, 2018

#52Ancestors-Week 18-Close Up: questions for William Adamson

For the topic Close Up, I decided that I would choose the one ancestor that I have the most questions for/about and would like to have a close up one-on-one with. And I chose my great-great-great grandfather, William Adamson, born about 1790 in North Carolina.

First questions: who was your father? There has been much speculation, but no one actually knows. When were you born?

Next: who were your brothers and sisters? Again, there is only speculation on this.

Next: who was your wife's parents? I have a fairly good guess on this, but not proven facts.

Next: exactly how many children did you have? I only know what census records have shown.  Were there other children?  Exactly when were all your children born? I don't even have the date of birth for your son Aaron, my great-great grandfather.

Next: exactly what became of each of your children? Again, I don't know when Aaron died.

Next: when did you die? Were you blind?

Next: What war did you serve in? War of 1812? Where and when?

I'm sure that I could think of more questions, but these are the basic ones I would love to have answered!

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