Saturday, November 5, 2016

#30DayFHWChallenge-Day 3: Pat Murphy Adamson

Day 3 Challenge is to write a journal entry that your ancestor may have written about buying their first home.  I chose to write about my mother, Patricia Murphy Adamson. 

Dick and I have bought our first home!  The house is on Rosalind in Peoria Heights. I am so excited to have a home to move into.  Since we got married last  April we have lived in a cramped basement apartment in Chicago for the last 9 months (and the last month with a newborn baby) and it has been awful (although I loved living in Chicago).  It will be so nice to be back in Peoria near Mom and Dad.  And as excited as I am about having our first home, I am not happy that Dick insisted on buying a home a couple of doors down from his sister and father. But his mother just died, so I think that he needs to be close to his family.  I just don't want it to become a problem.  There is a nice yard for Susie to play in when she gets a little older and other homes being built around us, so I am hoping for some neighbors I can spend time with.  It was awfully lonely being alone in Chicago and not knowing anyone, except for my Uncle Joe.  I'm excited to decorate as we can afford!

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