Monday, January 23, 2017

2017-what will it bring with my genealogy?

Looking over my genealogy goals for 2016, I did somewhat well. I did some challenges, but did not reach either of the specific goals that I set. 

 I am no closer to finding the father of William Adamson (b. 1790) than I was a year ago. And I have not located any pictures of my great-great grandfather, William H. Murphy.  I had added another goal of finding out more about my husband's grandfather and who he knew when he came to the US at the age of 16.  I did find some possibilities there, but nothing proven.  

I guess the best part of the year genealogy-wise was that I did some rather extensive research for another person that turned out to be quite revealing for them.

So what will 2017 bring?  I am always excited to learn what new records might open up, or what person will contact me out of the blue with some information! specific goals?  A new challenge is beginning on Pinterest that I am planning to do in February.  Otherwise, I can't think of any specific research goals, other than to continue searching! Perhaps do more to help others with their genealogy quests. And do more blogging!

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