Sunday, January 29, 2017

52 Question Project from FamilySearch

I came across a project for this year that I thought I would share if others had not seen it.  It is the FamilySearch 52 Questions Project to assist in writing your story for others.

The Project is broken down into one question for each week of each month.  They are seemingly simple questions to answer, but I am pondering the individual question through-out the week before I answer it.  I am already stumped on a specific question for next week: how did my grandparents meet?  Ugh...I don't know!  I do know that they eloped, but meet?  I have one chance in finding out, but it's probably not going to pan out.  My mother's closest cousin who spent a great deal of time living with my grandparents may know.  She's 85 years old, so she's my only hope!

Each month is broken down into a specific topic.  January was Goals and Achievements.

So if you are interested, here's the link for the information:

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