Saturday, December 16, 2017

Benjamin Tippitt

Benjamin Tippitt was the son of Luke Tippitt and Nancy Adamson.  His name was the one that I had not known and found in the will of Luke Tippitt.  I have not been able to learn anything more about him.  I don't know or even have a good estimate of when he was born. The 1825 Edwards County Illinois Census shows three sons in the family, which fits with Benjamin being there.  The only "clue" about Benjamin that I have is from Luke's will where it states:

"Will of Luke Tippett
 Luke Tippett during his last sickness declared the following to be his last will and Testament.
 To my son William Tippett I give and bequeath my sorrel mare. To my son Matthew I leave my sorrel horse.  At the same time he requested that his son-in- law James Sawyers take the boys and learn them a trade and that Sawyer take the horses and dispose of them or keep them and at the time the boys attain the age of twenty one he Sawyers deliver them horses equal in value or their worth in _______ at the time he received them-he Luke Tippett stated that he gave to his wife the old sorrel mare and the remainder of his property for her support and to raise the children to wit Milly and Benjamin Tippet." 
So I'm not sure if by the "boys" he meant William and Matthew, and was leaving the remainder of his property to his wife to care for their daughter and Benjamin? So does that mean that Benjamin was the youngest of the children? I know that Milly was born in 1812, William in about 1815, and Matthew was born in 1817. So William and Matthew were only about 11 and 9 years old when Luke died.

I have searched census records but have been unable to locate Benjamin Tippitt.  I have not found his mother Nancy Tippitt after Luke's death in the 1830 or any other census.  I don't know if she remarried or died early.  In a biography of Matthew Tippitt, it states that:

 "A short time afterward (after Luke's death) our subject, accompanied by his mother, removed to what is now the city of Olney, then in Lawrence County, and settled upon a farm." 
So what happened to Benjamin Tippitt?  Or to his mother, for that matter!

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