Friday, August 4, 2017

Update on Luke Tippett

As I wrote a few days ago, I was frustrated with being unable to locate the will or probate for Luke Tippett after I had found his name on an index for Wills and Probates for Edwards County, Illinois.  I wrote to the County Clerk and to the Illinois Regional Archives Depository for Edwards County and neither found any records of Wills or Probates for Luke Tippett.

Today, I decided to take another look at the Index that I had found on  I started looking at the actual records there and after awhile I realized that the stated page on the index did not match with the page of the microfilm that is on  So I began a list of matching  names and numbers of the index compared to the microfilm records.  And, after about an hour of work, guess what I found!  Yep, the will for Luke Tippett!

The will gave me the name of a son that I didn't have before and the name of a son-in-law that I did not have.

A will from 1826=happiness for me!

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